The Most Relatable Disney Character Moments

All Disney characters are a little bit like us, but some have moments that seem like they were pulled straight from our everyday lives. These moments are rather strikingly human (even the ones that involve animals).  A few of these have probably happened to you (we know they’ve happened to us):


Beast Prepping for a Date
Relatable Disney Characters_5
We’ve all been there: what do you wear, how do you do your hair, which fork is the one for the salad, and how do you handle soup? Beast may be the only one on whose date their entire future as a human being rests… but the struggle to find a hairdo that doesn’t make you look ridiculous is universal.


Lilo Being Slightly Awkward
Relatable Disney Characters_3

We’ve all tried to make friends with the cool kids. We’ve all realized that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. Not all of us turn to voodoo like this old soul, but hey. The point still stands.


Roger Walking his Dog
Disney Characters Anita, Roger, and Pongo One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Sometimes it’s a total “who’s walking whom” thing. Granted Roger’s instance of this situation involves his dog wanting him to fall in love (we wish!), but he still has a hard time wrangling this precious pooch.


Snow White Singing to Herself
Relatable Disney Characters_1

Deny it all you want, but we’ve all done it. In the shower, in an empty conference room at work, or in the car. Snow White may have done it first (get it, ‘cause it was the first animated classic?), but her singing out loud to herself thing is relatively universal.


Simba and Nala Breaking the Rules
Relatable Disney Characters_6

Much to the chagrin of our parents, this isn’t atypical behavior. Granted our childhood rule-breaking didn’t involve an elephant graveyard, but the “laugh in the face of danger” part sounds pretty familiar.


Andy Loving His Toys
Relatable Disney Characters_2

We all have that special teddy bear or plush giraffe or action figure that we kept around for… well… it’s probably still on the shelf at our mom and dad’s. The connection we have with these childhood artifacts can’t be understated. They’re just so cute, plus they’re how we learned about imagination!


Anastasia and Drizella Fighting
Relatable Disney Characters_9


Relatable Disney Characters_10
These two are sibling rivalry at its most basic level. Bopping your sister on the head with a flute? Bold. Arguing about a boy? Been there, done that.


Ariel Having a Crush
Relatable Disney Characters_GIF

Our version of this looked a little more like drive past someone’s house or swing by their locker to see if you can catch a glimpse, but the doe-eyed look is one we’ve all known.


Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh Being Besties
Relatable Disney Characters_8

Walks in the park, fishing off a dock, and just generally enjoying each other’s company. These two are the epitome of relatable, because all our friendships (the best ones, anyway) really boil down to being able to spend hours “just doing nothing.”

Posted 6 years Ago
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