Pascal is Seriously the Best

Pascal is the cutest chameleon on the planet (we dare you, think of a better one). Not only that, he is incredibly expressive without ever saying one word.


Our first introduction to this captivating chameleon is during a game of hide and seek. (In case you can’t tell, he’s the hider.)
Pascal 1


Pascal loves Rapunzel, but wishes she would have the courage to leave the tower. (This is his annoyed face.)
Pascal 2


Mainly because things like this happen all the time. (Seriously, get out of the tower.)
Pascal 3


Still, Pascal knows that evils lurk beyond the walls (like scary humans).
Pascal 4


Because of this, he’s extremely protective of his friend.
Pascal 5


Extremely, extremely protective.
Pascal 6


Seriously, Pascal has his eye on you.
Pascal 7


But when romance is in the air, Pascal is all about it.
Pascal 8


…although he doesn’t necessarily need to watch it happen.
Pascal 9


Sidenote: this is his determined face. (We can’t handle how adorable he is.)
Pascal 11


Orange you glad that Pascal is around? (We had to.)
Pascal 10

Posted 8 years Ago
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