Life Before Internet, As Told By Disney Characters

The internet: it’s great. A mystical place where anything seems possible, where information is literally at your fingertips, where people across the world can connect in mere seconds, where cats are really popular. It’s hard to believe there was a time before the world wide web existed. We mean, pre-Tumblr, how did people express themselves? Well, we’re here to show you what life was like back then, with a little help from some of your favorite Disney characters.


We had to look things up. In books.
The Beast’s face says it all.


Staying in touch with friends was tough.
We’re never getting this message, are we?


Ordering take-out involved talking to someone ON THE PHONE.
The. Worst.


We had to interpret elaborate maps.
AND if they were drawn on your dad’s upside-down shirt front, that was even more of a challenge.


We had to simply guess which Disney Princess we were most like.
There were no flow charts or quizzes to tell us. ‘Twas the dark ages.


We had to go outside.
Okay, so we still like going outside. But back then we had no. choice.


When we went on blind dates we had no way of seeing our date’s photo beforehand.
Can you imagine?


We couldn’t copy/paste into language translators for French class.
For the purposes of this point, we consider “dog” to be a language.


Our hands would get ink all over them after taking notes.
Yeah, this is dirt. Use your imagination.


We had to get to know people.
Versus internet stalking them or judging on appearances (except our fans because we automatically like all of you).


There were no spoilers.
This is an exact representation of how we feel when someone spoils our favorite show.


We had to shop for clothes in person.
We understand your frustration, ladies.


Making eye contact in public was the norm.
It’s how a person knows you’re listening. Just ask Scuttle.


We couldn’t look up restaurants reviews before making reservations.
…Not exactly the ambiance we were expecting.


We ate dinner at the table with our parents rather than scarfing it down in front of a screen.
internet_disney characters_pocahontas_meeko
Okay, so we still scarf down our food. But we used to do it at a table. With other people.


And yet, there was a void in our lives that nothing could fill. Little did we know that it had a name: Internet.

Posted 4 years Ago
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