Don’t Mess With Maximus

Before we show you the evidence, let’s lead with this fact: in Latin, Maximus means the greatest. So that pretty much makes our argument for us. But just in case you’re unconvinced, here are some reasons you shouldn’t mess with Maximus:


If he doesn’t like you, it’s obvious.
Maximus laughs at Flynn


He’s a sword-wielding quadruped..
Maximus with a sword


He will sniff you out if you’re hiding. And he walks into a room like a boss.
Maximus in The Snuggly Duckling


Two words: rage. (long)face.
Maximus and Flynn's wanted poster


He’s always in control, even during sudden stops.
Maximus running


When he wants something, it’s his. That or it’s flying off a cliff. (If Maximus can’t have it, no one can.)
Maximus grabbing for Flynn's bag


He’s smarter than you are… and he’s not above the “seriously, do I have to do everything?” face.
Maximus finds a trap door


He’s highly skeptical, even when he’s just a sketch drawing.
Maximus visual development art


And then there’s this:
Maximus makes a scary face


In summation: don’t mess with Maximus. He may technically be a sidekick, but he’s serious business. The good news is that if you don’t cross him, he’s a sweetheart. See below for proof.
Maximus hugging Rapunzel

Posted 6 years Ago
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