Archery Is So Hot Right Now

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but archery is sort of a big deal these days. People are all about the archery, but Disney characters have been hitting (and missing) their targets since way, way back.


The most well-known archer is of course Robin Hood.



He’s charming, a man/fox of the people, and restorer of happiness and justice in Nottingham. His skill was also proven when he won that archery contest while dressed like a bird.

Archery in Robin Hood


(These guys technically were archers, but just look at them. Not the most inspiring specimens.)

Archery in Robin Hood


Robin Hood’s archery inspires some more, quite adorable archery as well, worth mentioning for its cuteness.

Archery in Robin Hood


Right on Robin Hood’s heels as go-to archer and winner of contests is, of course, Merida.

Archery, Merida from Brave


Merida wins an archery contest quite similar to the one that Robin Hood wins, except it’s way more exciting because she was shooting for her own hand. (It sounds cooler when she says it in her accent.)

Archery, Merida from Brave


Plus just look at the way Pixar animates this arrow splitting action. Oh my.

Archery, Merida from Brave


Gaston carries some arrows around as well.

Archery in Beauty and the Beast
He seems to fancy hunting, but we only ever saw him use his archery for evil, so we’re done talking about him.


Then there’s Shang. Boy does he ever know how to archer.

Archery in Mulan


Mulan, not so much.

Archery in Mulan


Sir Kay from Sword in the Stone is also into archery, but unfortunately he’s not into being nice, so we’re done talking about him as well.

Archery in robin hood


Last but certainly not least is Hercules He’s not particularly known for his archery, but he does manage to catch a bunch of arrows that are sailing towards him in the following manner, which is worth noting:

Archery in Hercules

Posted 4 years Ago
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