Things Disney Princes Do That Would Be Weird in Real Life

Disney Princes are usually trying to be quite charming and gentlemanly in their quest to get the girl. That’s all fine and dandy, but every once in a while, they do some things that are charming in theory, but are actually kind of weird by normal social standards.


For example, Aladdin.

Disney Prince Aladdin
At first it’s like “oh isn’t that sweet that he surprised Jasmine at her gigantic balcony.” But if that were our balcony, we’d be like “INTRUDER ALERT!!”


Plus, he sort of assumes a different identity to win Jasmine over. Pro Tip: don’t do that; be yourself.

Disney Prince Aladdin


Beast turns from a prince into a beast.

Disney Prince Adam from Beauty and the beast
And then back again. Weird. What do you think Belle calls him now that he’s a human? The mind reels.


Prince Charming lets the whole kingdom line up to win him over. Line forms to the right!

Disney Prince Charming
It probably wasn’t his idea, but he should have taken a page out of Jasmine’s book and been like “I am not a prize to be won!”


Prince Eric keeps falling in love with random mysterious girls he meets on the beach. Granted, it’s the same one three of the times, but still. First there’s this time…

Disney Prince Eric falls in love wiht Ariel


And this time…

Disney Prince Eric falls in love wiht Ariel


Then this time…

Disney Prince Eric falls in love with Vanessa


Then this time again…

Disney Prince Eric falls in love wiht Ariel
What is it with this guy and the beach?


Prince Phillip meets a barefoot girl dancing in the forest with woodland creatures who are wearing his boots.

Disney Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty
And he decides to cut in. Sort of weird, but it’s a good thing he did since it turns out that they were already betrothed and all.


Prince Naveen turns into a frog, which is pretty weird in and of itself.

Disney Prince Naveen from Princess and the Frog

He has a change of heart for the better though, so that makes the frog thing a little worth it. Right? Maybe it depends on how you feel about amphibians in general.


And Prince John. Don’t even get us started.

Disney Prince John

Posted 4 years Ago
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