It’s getting cold outside. And, honestly, we’re pretty excited about it. Beautiful brisk weather comes with sweaters and gloves and hot chocolate and blankets and all those cozy good things to help us stay warm. There’s just one more thing to add to the list: these Disney moments that just can’t help but warm our fingers and toes. They warm our hearts too because, well, Disney:
10. Belle and Beast Reading By The Fire

Belle and Beast read by the fire.
This just might be the quintessential cozy moment. There’s a fire, a book, a cape, a dress made for circling around you, and a blossoming love… really, what else could you want?
9. WALL•E’s Love At First Spark

For WALL•E, it's love at first spark.
Just look at WALL•E’s expression. Our hearts are too full to write anything else. Too many warm and fuzzy feelings.
8. Tea Time with Edna

Edna gets pretty fired up over tea time.
Edna gets pretty fired up when talking about super suits.
7. Jack In A Nightcap

Jack Skellington reads by the fire.
He may be a skeleton, but Jack knows a thing or two about the art of staying warm. We say art because that nightcap is truly a fashion statement. Let’s bring them back.
6. Mrs. Potts’ Welcome Cup of Tea

Mrs. Potts gives a warm welcome.
We’re not quite sure how she does it (which could be said of all moms), but Mrs. Potts just knows when a smile and hot cup of tea are needed (the answer is often). We just wish we could curl up in an armchair and have a tea cart roll up to us whenever we wished.
5. Tinker Bell Testing Her Light Fairy Skills

Tinker Bell tests out her light fairy skills.
Tink is actually grabbing hold of the sun’s light to give off to fireflies. Catching fire, if you will.
4. Hades Pretty Much Anytime

Hades blowing off some steam.
Okay, so not exactly cozy, but we couldn’t leave out the god who is constantly on fire (when Pegasus doesn’t put his hair out that is). We just prefer to be around Hades when he’s giving off a cool blue vibe because otherwise he’s a bit of a hothead… literally.
3. Olaf’s Beach Day

Olaf knows how to have a beach day.
A snowman who carries an eternal torch for summer. Yes, ironic. But if that smile doesn’t warm the snow off your boots, then we don’t know what will.
2. WALL•E and EVE’s Sunset Date

The perfect sunset date.
WALL•E will always make us smile because he can find beauty anywhere he goes. This sunset date is perfect, and those rays of sunlight (and WALL•E’s earnest attempt at courtship) can’t help but make us feel toasty.
1. Carl and Ellie Snuggling Over Breakfast

Carl and Ellie snuggle over breakfast.
Consider our hearts melted forever. We can’t get any warmer than that.

Posted 7 years Ago
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