The Disney Villains React to the Maleficent Teaser Trailer

A brand new trailer just debuted for Maleficent (which comes out May 2014), and we are very intrigued. This movie looks great. Naturally, everyone has something to say about this first-look at the highly anticipated film starring Angelina Jolie, and that includes Maleficent’s fellow Disney Villains. Oh yes, dear readers. Never ones to be left out of the limelight, the villains have seen the trailer and what follows are their reactions. Disclaimer: The villains’ reactions in no way reflect Oh My Disney’s feelings about the trailer. We think it kicks all sorts of butt and aren’t jealous of its glory, unlike some other people.


First, let’s watch the trailer:

We mean, wow. Wasn’t that epic? Now, let’s hear from the other villains.



He’s prepared to pretend to be bored to hide his sheer awe at this awesomeness. So transparent.


Evil Queen
Evil Queen laughing

Hmm. There’s only one explanation for this reaction: the Evil Queen has totally lost it after seeing the trailer. She’s giddy. That must be it.


Dr. Facilier

Oh, he’s on board. He is on. board.


Cruella de Vil
Cruella de Vil driving

Cruella is so excited that she’s risking her life (and the lives of those unfortunate birds) to tell everyone about Maleficent.



Gaston’s thought process: Yeah she has her own movie, but does she have a swell cleft in her chin?


Jafar's Staff

Jafar thinks…he thinks…YOUR MIND GAME WON’T WORK ON US, JAFAR! We won’t forget how much we love this trailer that easily.



Some advice for Maleficent: Don’t sign any contracts from Ursula, you may wake up without a voice. Which would be a bummer, because talking.


Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel is clearly excited about the movie. But that doesn’t mean she’s letting Rapunzel out of the tower long enough to see it. Rude.


Wrong Lever

Usually only lever-pulling elicits this much excitement from Yzma. This trailer must really be something.


Captain Hook

Jealousy is an ugly emotion.


What are your reactions to the Maleficent trailer?

Posted 8 years Ago
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