So You Think You Can Tigger?

So, you think you’re as fun fun fun fun fun as T-I-double guh-ER? We’re skeptical…


Do you know just how to make an entrance?
Tigger Surprise


Have you mastered the Whoop-De-Dooper bounce?
Tigger Bouncing


Is your bottom made out of springs?


Do you rock the black and orange stripes with pride?
SoYouThinkYouCanTigger_Tigger Smile


Can you do this?


Are you confident in your Backson-hunting skills?
SoYouThinkYouCanTigger_Tigger Stance


Are you above average at hugs?
SoYouThinkYouCanTigger_Eeyore Hug


Do you look this good in disguise?
SoYouThinkYouCanTigger_The Jungle King


Are you able to be the life of the party even while everybody at the party is trapped in a pit?
SoYouThinkYouCanTigger_The Whole Group


Do you have what it takes to out bounce a b’loon?
SoYouThinkYouCanTigger_Red Balloon


If your answers to all of these things are yes, congratulations: the most wonderful thing about you is you can Tigger with the only one! (Warning: this also means you’re bouncy trouncy flouncy and pouncy.)

Posted 7 years Ago
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