What Your 20s Are Like, As Told By Disney GIFs

Your 20s generally start out strong; you are young, you know it, and there seems to be no limit to your energy and optimism.

Disney GIF of Aladdin


At first, college can be pretty hard around midterms and finals, but you secretly know that you’re at the most carefree point in your life.

Disney GIF of Emperor Kuzco


Time works differently in your early 20s: somehow you can sleep while it’s light but are always busy when it’s dark.

Disney GIF from Alice in Wonderland


Napping is the best thing ever, and since you aren’t attached to a desk for nine hours a day, you can totally nap whenever you want. This won’t happen again until retirement.

Disney GIF of Cruella De Vil


Trouble is, you have no money, and you won’t for quite some time.

Disney GIF from Robin Hood


Then comes graduation and the immediate need to get a job.

Disney GIF from Alice in Wonderland


When you do finally get that first real job, the job that is actually in your chosen field (or is chosen field-adjacent), you feel a bit like this.

Disney GIF of Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin


Even though your days look pretty much like this.

Disney GIF of the Seven Dwarfs


And it feels kind of good to start buying actual furniture and appliances, and not living off of stuff you find in alleys or inherited from your parents.

Disney GIF from Beauty and the Beast


Then comes the first wave of friends getting married, which is weird because you remember them from way back when.

Disney GIF of Ariel and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid


Even weirder is when people you know start having kids. Hey wait, weren’t you all just in school? It’s cute, because babies are cute, but it really makes you realize how old you are. Ouch.

Disney GIF of Dinah from Alice in Wonderland


Your age keeps going up and up and up, which is really freaky. Ew, is that a wrinkle? Yeah, it’s a wrinkle.

Disney GIF of Yzma


Inside you still sort of feel like this.

Disney GIF of Hercules


But even though you’re a real (reluctant) grown up now, you’ll always be a Disney kid at heart.

Disney GIF of Carsland

Posted 6 years Ago
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