Has Anyone Else Ever Wondered How Cobra Bubbles Got That Name?

We have a serious question. Has anyone but us ever wondered how on earth (or, we suppose, in the galaxies) did Cobra Bubbles get that name?


Cobra Bubbles is a social worker with a past as a CIA agent, which is really cool.
Lilo & Stitch_Cobra Bubbles


But… his name is Cobra Bubbles. And he has his first name tattooed on his knuckles. And he’s wearing sunglasses like a super spy is chasing him. And his voice is deeper than James Earl Jones’ Mufasa. And, apparently, he’s some special classification of social worker that even Lilo has her suspicions about.
Lilo & Stitch_Cobra Bubbles_Suitcase


All this brings us back to our first point: who names someone Cobra Bubbles? Did his parents give him that name or did he choose to change it at some point in his adult life? If it’s the former, we have questions for the Bubbles family. If it’s the latter, we have questions for Cobra.
Lilo & Stitch_Cobra Bubbles_Sunglasses


Questions like these:

1.  Why choose the name Cobra? Does it signify that he’s sneaky and meant to be feared like the snake?
1a.  If yes, then: Why pair that with the last name Bubbles? It really undercuts the fear, dude.
1b.  If no, then: Seriously, what’s the significance?
2.  What do your friends call you?
3.  Can we call you Coby? Or CB? Or Bubs?


Lilo & Stitch_Cobra Bubbles_The Look


We feel a lot better now that we’ve gotten that off our chests. But we’ve got to know if you guys were wondering, too. Comment below and tell us if you’ve ever been curious about the illusive, the mysterious, and the infinitely interesting Cobra Bubbles and just how he came to have that moniker.

Posted 4 years Ago
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