Pacha’s Family is the Best

The Emperor’s New Groove is mostly about, well, the Emperor. When we watch the film, however, we find ourselves wanting more time with Pacha’s family. In a Disney landscape full of special families—you know, with evil stepsisters, magic powers, and talking animals—Pacha’s family is pleasingly ordinary. You’ve got a nice father, sassy mother with a baby on the way, and two charismatic, spirited children. Let’s break down their awesomeness:


In our opinion, Pacha is one of the most kind-hearted characters in Disney history. He cares about his family so much, that the pure thought of them having to leave their home breaks his heart to pieces. He also clearly loves being a dad—just look at this joyful just-got-home-from-work bear hug he gives his kids:
We love it.


Pacha is also amazingly forgiving—by the end of the film he and Kuzco are best buds, despite Kuzco’s shady actions in the beginning.


Chicha is a sweet, loving mother, but her toughness should not be underestimated. She dotes on her children and encourages their imaginations, but she knows how to handle Yzma when she comes to town.


Also, in classic mom style, she has a very low tolerance for poor manners. She is furious when Pacha tells her that Kuzco canceled his appointment, and believe us when we say that if she went to meet Kuzco that day, she would have given him a piece of her mind. As she says, “Emperor or no Emperor, it’s called common courtesy.”


Bonus: she gets so worked up that she actually growls.
Then shes goes to wash something.


Chaca and Tipo
These two jokesters have half the quotable lines in the film, including fan-favorite, “…great, great aunt.” You know what we’re talking about. They love showing off for their dad (skills like getting taller and having loose teeth) and they expertly execute Chicha’s plan to get rid of Yzma.



On top of that, they are very smart—Chaca realizes the critical importance of conjunctions when Ymza threatens to burn their house down—and Pipo may or may not have psychic dreams.


Who is your favorite member of Pacha’s family?

Posted 4 years Ago
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