Five Steps to Becoming a Genie-Us on the Dance Floor

When it comes to busting a move, Genie might be the all-time greatest. He’s smooth, he’s smart, and he does it all without losing his top hat. Mad props, Genie. With these five steps, you too can become a Genie-us on the dance floor. (See what we did there?)


Step One: Signature Walk

The Genie's Signature Walk
Don’t forget, heading to the dance floor calls for making a grand entrance. Separating yourself from the rest of the party-goers is what is a signature walk is all about.


Step Two: Spin Move

The Genie's Spin Move
A well-timed spin is not only a genie-us move, but it’s also totally stylish. Observe the grace in Genie’s leg. This is what technique looks like.


Step Three: High Hands

The Genie High Hands
The goal is to get both hands as high (and low) as possible. Let your spirit fingers do the work and and add in a subtle scream and shout. That should do the trick.


Step Four: Strut Your Stuff

The Genie's Strut
Ever heard the saying let your walking do the talking? Teach us your ways, Genie.


Step Five: Hit The Splits

The Genie Splits
Like only a Genie-us can!


And there you have it! You now have the key to becoming a Genie-us on the dance floor. Don’t forget to tell everyone where you learned your steps!

Posted 4 years Ago
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