The Many Character Cameos in Mickey’s Christmas Carol

The holiday season never really starts until we’ve watched this classic at least once. Not only does it star our favorite couple, Mickey and Minnie, but so many other classic characters make an appearance. We’ve compiled a list for you—next time you watch, see if you can spot any others!


The Big Bad Wolf and Three Little Pigs
Mickey's Christmas Carol_ Bad Wolf and Three Pigs
Scrooge didn’t fall for The Big Bad Wolf’s money tricks.


Chip ‘n’ Dale
Mickey's Christmas Carol_Chip N Dale

Two are more festive than one!


Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
Mickey's Christmas Carol_Mickey and Minnie

Always a perfect match!


Daisy Duck
Mickey's Christmas Carol_Daisy Duck

Also known as Belle in this Christmas carol.


Donald Duck
Mickey's Christmas Carol_Donald Duck

Donald embraces the holiday spirit…


Mickey's Christmas Carol_Goofy

… and Goofy IS a holiday spirit.


Huey, Dewey, and Louie
Mickey's Christmas Carol_Huey, Louie, and Dewey
These three look their finest in red.


Cyril Proudbottom
Mickey's Christmas Carol_Ichabod's Horse

Donald’s trusty steed.


Jiminy Cricket
Mickey's Christmas Carol_Jiminy Cricket

Not only a conscience but also the Ghost of Christmas Past.


Lady Kluck
Mickey's Christmas Carol_Lady Kluck

She’s always ready to dance.


Mother Rabbit
Mickey's Christmas Carol_Mother Rabbit

More of our favs from Robin Hood.


Sis and Rabbit Siblings
Mickey's Christmas Carol_Sis and Rabbit Siblings

Spending the holidays is best with your (rabbit) family.


Mole and Water Rat
Mickey's Christmas Carol_Mole and Water Rat

Asking Scrooge for money can be a frightening experience.


Mr. Toad
Mickey's Christmas Carol_Mr. Toad

Who knew Mr. Toad was so musically talented?


Mickey's Christmas Carol_Pete

Pete is as angry and intimidating as ever.


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Posted 8 years Ago
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