Real Fish Versus Little Mermaid Fish

The Little Mermaid is a lesson in cute musically-inclined sea creatures. There is a whole slew of them in “Under the Sea,” and we’ve always wondered what the real-life version of this song would look like. Maybe a little less cute but just as musically talented? Okay, so maybe we took some artistic liberties of our own:
The newt play the flute

The Newt Plays the Flute.


The carp play the harp

The Carp Plays the Harp


The plaice play the bass…and they soundin’ sharp

The Plaice Play the Bass


The bass play the brass

The Bass Play the Brass


The chub play the tub

The Chub Play the Tub


The fluke is the duke of soul

The Fluke is the Duke of Soul


The ray he can play

The Ray he can play


The ling’s on the strings

The Ling's on the Strings


The trout rockin’ out

The Trout Rockin' Out


The blackfish she sings

The Blackfish She Sings


The smelt and the sprat…they know where it’s at

The Smelt and The Sprat


And oh that blowfish blow!

The Blowfish


If you haven’t gotten your fix of fish comparisons, check out the ones from Finding Nemo, and don’t forget—The Little Mermaid is airing on ABC Family tomorrow, December 14 at 8|7c!

Posted 4 years Ago
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