Mulan is Super Fierce and Here’s Why

Mulan is awesome, plain and simple. She’s a ridiculously relatable character (who hasn’t had to deal with spilling tea and fighting for what they believe in from time to time?) and we love her to pieces. We’ve gathered together our favorite Mulan traits below:


She’s Honorable
Mulan is Super Fierce - Honorable
Even though she’s not into the whole matchmaker thing, she tries her best because it is important to her parents.


She’s Courageous
Mulan is Super Fierce - Courageous
We can’t even imagine how scary it must be to hear that your father has to go back to war. It’s even scarier to gather up the courage to go for him.


She Admits When She Needs Guidance
Mulan is Super Fierce - Guidance
This one is harder than it sounds. Most of us have trouble admitting when we need someone else to help out, but Mulan is all about letting Mushu and Cri-Kee support her.


She’s Dedicated
Mulan is Super Fierce - Dedicated
Mulan goes into this ridiculously intimidating situation knowing absolutely nothing about how to fight or protect herself. She leaves it as a super-fierce warrior who has the trust of her peers. We’d call that a win.


She Speaks Her Mind
Mulan is Super Fierce - Speaks her Mind
Even after being shunned by Shang and her friends, Mulan still steps up to try and (successfully, may we add) save the city and the Emperor.


She’s Creative
Mulan is Super Fierce - Creative
Who else would come up with the idea to dress up her friends to sneak them into the palace?


She’s Heroic
Mulan is Super Fierce - Heroic
Saving her friends? No big deal. Saving China? No big deal. (Okay, both of these are huge deals.)


What are your favorite things about Mulan?

Posted 8 years Ago
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