Most Creative Gift Givers: Thinking Outside the Box

This is what gift-giving dreams are made of. These presents are of the incredibly thoughtful and personalized nature. Most do not cost a penny, and they warm our hearts through and through. Basically, they’re how we wish we could pull off our own holiday gift-giving, so we’re taking notes from these Disney characters who are clearly masters at this:


Giver: Beast
Gift: Library
Recipient: Belle

Beast gives Belle a library.
The inner bookworm in all of us can’t really handle how perfect this gift is. Beast doesn’t have to really do anything to procure this gift, but it’s perfect nonetheless. We would be okay spending copious amounts of time there.


Giver: Hercules
Gift: Flower
Recipient: Meg

Hercules gives Meg a flower.
Flowers are always a good idea, especially if they are hand picked and delivered with a kiss.


Giver: Sally
Gift: Basket
Recipient: Jack

Sally gives Jack a care package.
This takes care package to a whole new level. Sally’s basket emits a beautiful translucent smoke butterfly. Whoa.


Giver: Robert
Gift: Invitation to the Kings and Queens Ball
Recipient: Nancy

Robert gives Nancy an invitation to the King and Queens Ball.
It’s only been our dream to dress up in fancy period clothing like this and dance a waltz. How romantic!


Giver: Dot
Gift: Rock
Recipient: Flik

Flik gives Dot a rock.
This rock holds a lot of meaning. It takes a gifting genius to take something like a rock and turn it into a deep life metaphor. (Also, when Dot gives Flik a rock at the end of the film is one of the few times re-gifting is entirely appropriate and just as meaningful.)


Giver: Halloween Town residents
Gift: A hat
Recipient: Children

Gifts from Halloween Town
When you’re a Halloween aficionado and a Christmas novice, your gifts are an interesting blend of both. Case in point: a dead rat turned into a hat, which Jack replaces with a bat.


Giver: Mad Hatter
Gift: Right-size dress
Recipient: Alice

The Mad Hatter makes Alice a new dress.
It seems the Mad Hatter is the only really concerned with the fact that Alice has drunk pishsalver (the shrinking potion) and has an improperly-sized dress. No matter. The Mad Hatter immediately crafts a dress out of a bit of tulle.


Giver: Aladdin
Gift: Third Wish
Recipient: Genie

Aladdin gives Genie his third wish.
What a gift. What a hug. What a friendship.


Giver: Robert
Gift: True love’s kiss
Recipient: Giselle

Robert gives Giselle true love's kiss.
All it took was a kiss, and Robert gives Giselle a pretty great gift: the clear indisputable sign of their true love.


Giver: Tarzan
Gift: Birds-eye view
Recipient: Jane

Tarzan gives Jane a birds-eye view.
All Jane wants is to sketch some birds, and Tarzan, being the savvy local that he is, knows all the best places to go in the jungle.


Giver: Carl
Gift: Walker and tennis balls
Recipient: Kevin and her babies

Carl gives baby Kevins his walker.
Carl will sacrifice comfort in order to give Kevin and her babies a gift they obviously really really want. But we’re guessing it was near impossible to deny those baby Kevins a chance to squawk and squeal with joy.

Posted 4 years Ago
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