8 Perfect Smiles That Made You Fall in Love

A smile is a wonderful thing. It’s usually the first thing that you notice about a person, and a warm, friendly smile immediately makes them awesome. We’ve gathered together some of our favorite smiles for you below. (We promise, there are people on this list besides Disney princes.)


Prince Eric
8-Perfect-Smiles-That-Made-You-Fall-in-Love - Eric
Swoon. Swoon all over the place. We fell in love with Eric and his smile immediately, and his wonderful personality and kind heart solidified our love even more.


8-Perfect-Smiles-That-Made-You-Fall-in-Love - Aladdin
A little bad boy, a little soulful, a lot handsome.


8-Perfect-Smiles-That-Made-You-Fall-in-Love - Kronk
Kronk may technically be an evil sidekick, but he’s really just misunderstood. We can see from his genuine and sweet smile that he is good at heart.


Prince Naveen
8-Perfect-Smiles-That-Made-You-Fall-in-Love - Naveen
His smile may have had some royal dentist help for all we know, but we still love it.


8-Perfect-Smiles-That-Made-You-Fall-in-Love - Hercules
This charming smile endears him to us even more.


8-Perfect-Smiles-That-Made-You-Fall-in-Love - Roger
Roger has that cool dad thing going on and we dig it. He has such a natural, honest grin that we want it to happen all the time.


8-Perfect-Smiles-That-Made-You-Fall-in-Love - Thomas
He’s just so happy and full of life, and his smile is even more so. Thomas is the genuine article and we want him to smile forever.


Flynn Rider
8-Perfect-Smiles-That-Made-You-Fall-in-Love - Flynn
Flynn has the the dreamiest smile of all. Granted, we do have a small obsession with how perfect he is.


Which Disney smile did you first fall in love with?

Posted 4 years Ago
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