Reasons Why Prince Phillip Is Perfect

Sass and class and a really nice cape: only some of the things that make Prince Phillip the greatest. He can sing. His outfits coordinate like an expertly orchestrated ballet. He’s a prince. As far as we can tell his best friend is a horse. Still not convinced that Phillip is just another word for perfection? You will be.


He seeks adventure
And also keeps his horse really well groomed. He’s both responsible and spontaneous. Win.


He knows how to motivate others
And does so through the promise of healthy snacks. Father-to-our-future-kids material if we’ve ever come across it.


He saves money on laundry
Lake water does the job just as well, and with no effort on behalf of busy palace servants.


He has a great smile
And his outfit is pretty trendy too.


He’s polite
He tells Aurora he’s “awfully sorry.” When can we take him home to meet our parents?


He’s great at the romance


He loves his dad


But is willing to defy him for true love
After all, this is the 14th century. Peasants and princes should be able to get married. The dark ages are pretty much over.


He gives himself pep talks
We all do this and so does Phillip. This only endears him to us more, if possible.


He’s open to new things
Three fairies have just materialized in Phillip’s cell, and instead of screaming like we might do, he stays totally calm in the face of finding out that fairies exist. Yes, he saw them as a kid. But we assume he’s forgotten or rationalized it somehow by now.


He gets really excited about things
Look at his face right after receiving the mighty sword of truth. He is so excited about this sword.


Huge wall of thorns? Pff.
He can handle it.


Evil sorceress dragon? Puhleeze.
Prince Phillip’s got it under control.


His kisses are magical
Okay, so it might have been the whole true love breaking the spell thing. But there was a kiss involved. A Prince Phillip kiss.


He’s, of course, a great dancer
And he rocks those puff sleeves.


So we repeat: Prince Phillip is perfect; attempt to tell us otherwise at your own peril. We rest our case.

Posted 6 years Ago
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