Disney Characters Who Are Overly Optimistic

We all have that friend who’s just a little bit sunshine-ier than people. You know, the one who’s all about the silver lining metaphor and is forever pointing out that a curveball in life is just part of the game. It’s no surprise, therefore, that these characters exist in the Disney universe too. Because where would we be without the likes of those who always seem to see the good in everything? Nowhere, that’s where. We’d be a sad sad world if it weren’t for these guys (and gals)…


When life gets tough, he likes to hold on to his dream. Nevermind that it involves sunshine and he’s made out of meltable snow. This little guy is optimistic, even when faced with extreme obstacles (like fire). And he always has the right thing to say in a situation that might otherwise seem dire: “Some people are worth melting for.”


Disney Interview_Happy_Personality
Unless he ended up as someone who appreciates great irony, this guy had really no choice but to walk on the sunny side of the street. He always has a smile on his face, he loves a good toe-tappin’ rhythm, and he’s just jolly. Life may not always go his way, and those around him can sometimes be a little grumpy (har), but Happy is an optimistic constant in a world of change.


We give this little guy extra bonus points for his optimism in the face of Carl. It can be easy to get discouraged or jaded when you’re around a sourpuss all the time, but Russell never lets anything break his spirit. He’s jovial and kind and helpful to a fault. (We think he’s really earned those merit badges by now.)


This bear is so optimistic that he’s responsible for one of arguably the most optimistically anthemic songs in the Disney canon: the Bare Necessities. He knows that life is all about how you choose to look at it, and things always look pretty good from where he’s sitting (or floating with impossible ease on a lake).


Timothy Q. Mouse
If there ever was a situation in need of unbridled optimism, trying to convince an elephant that he can fly would be it. Timothy Q. has some of the most encouraging and positive perspectives on Dumbo. He helps Dumbo believe in himself with gems like this one: “The very things that held you down will carry you up and up and up.” That’s some seriously optimistic future thinking, we’d say.


Some may say that it’s easy to be optimistic when your long term memory is not the best. But to those people, we only have three words to say: just. keep. swimming.


Being from Andalasia gives this lady a leg up on the competition in the happiness and optimism department, because everything is a little more like a fairy tale. Nevertheless, she possesses quite the glass half full attitude no matter where she lands.


Bachelor- Bert
From one man band to chimney sweep to street artist, Bert wears a great many hats. But through it all, he retains his view of the world as a place of enchantment. He teaches Jane and Michael that, if the world exists in shades of gray, you can choose to see the good and the joy in anything. For example, some might look at the chimney sweeps and see those who spend their days covered in soot and lugging around heavy equipment. But Bert knows that “When you’re with a sweep, you’re in glad company.”


Seeing the lanterns may have seemed close to impossible, but this blonde-haired beauty knows different. She holds out hope, even when hope seems futile (read: Mother Gothel is sort of the worst), and she keeps dreaming of seeing the lanterns up close. And let’s not forget that she participates in a sing-along with the Pub Thugs in which they all demonstrate just what a wonderful world we live in where everyone has a dream.


This ever-optimistic Goof does get himself into a spot of trouble every now and again (or all the time), but he always believes things will turn out right. He plans road trips, enters skiing competitions, tries to go surfing, and does a great deal more without ever doubting that things will go right.

Posted 7 years Ago
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