That Time Pixar Taught Us Everything About Life

Pixar films are universally acknowledged as beacons of truth and wisdom. Each one leaves us pondering all of our life choices – in a good way. As in, can I pull off a life metaphor about rocks? Answer: definitely. Was it okay to add the saffron to that holiday dish? Answer: most likely, if it was with true Remy-style flair. Should I go all in and ask her to a romantic sunset date? Answer: obviously, because WALL•E.

So let’s get the new year off to a great start and begin following these Pixar life maxims:

Love can be as simple as holding hands.

Pixar Life Lessons: WALL-E


Take a minute to reminisce about childhood friendships.

Pixar Life Lessons: Toy Story


Add a few spices to your life. Literally and figuratively.

Pixar Life Lessons: Ratatouille


Be open to unlikely friendships.

Pixar Life Lessons: Monsters University


Never discount the small guys.

Pixar Life Lessons: A Bug's Life


Take a chance on the adventure (and friendship) of a lifetime.

Pixar Life Lessons: Finding Nemo


Hold on to your family.

Pixar Life Lessons: The Incredibles


Embrace your own strengths.

Pixar Life Lessons: Brave


Laughter > Fear.

Pixar Life Lessons: Monsters, Inc.


Take a break and drive in the slow lane sometimes.

Pixar Life Lessons: Cars


True love never gets old.

Pixar Life Lessons: Up


Consider it our latest New Year’s Resolution to hold on to these life lessons. They’re pretty good things to remember.

Posted 8 years Ago
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