This has been a huge week for Frozen. Not only did Frozen win Best Animated Feature at the Golden Globes, but it was nominated for two Academy Awards as well! Commence freak out. In honor of Frozen’s success, we pulled together our favorite Frozen blog posts for your enjoyment:


Maddie and Zoe (Adorably) Sing “Let It Go” From Frozen
There have been many fan-made “Let It Go” tributes lately, but this is one of our favorites. We can’t handle their faces. They are so sincere and cute.


These Frozen-Inspired Snowflakes Will Amaze You
We’ll never know how artist Kit Cameo made these, and that makes us love them more. These are so detailed and beautiful; it took us a few viewings to spot all the hidden details.


Frozen Color Palette Inspiration

Disney Style pulled together the most beautiful product collections inspired by the silver, icy white, and blue color palette of the film.


Get to Know the Characters in Frozen
It’s a pretty funny way to compare and contrast Anna, Kristoff, Elsa, and Marshmallow. (Bet you didn’t think we’d include Marshmallow, did ya? We love him.)


Spotted: Rapunzel and Flynn at Elsa’s Coronation
We love Disney movie Easter Eggs, and not only because we like to impress our friends with them.


Rosemaling is So Hot Right Now

What is rosemaling you ask? Disney Style is happy to explain.

Posted 5 years Ago
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