Everybody Wants to Be a Cat

We don’t need to tell you how great cats are. You’re on the internet, so you already know: cats are the best. Today, in honor of one of the baddest (and by “bad” we mean “good” but also kind of “bad”) cats around: Lucifer from the upcoming live-action Cinderella, we celebrate Disney cats. 


But before we get lazy and lay down in a sunbeam, thinking about how great cats are, let’s examine the evidence. As Homeward Bound’s Sassy knows…
Sassy in Homeward Bound
Cats rule and dogs drool. It rhymes, so it must be true. Case closed, people.


Wait, what? You need more proof than that? We don’t know why you would–it seems pretty open and shut–but, well, OK!


Occasionally cats can be a little mischievous, sure. But consider how cute they are, even as they get up to no good.


Like when they’re plotting revenge.
Baymax's Favorite Hairy Babies - Yzma


Or giving you a death-stare, of which you’re in awe.
lucifer from cinderella


Or spreading germs.
Figaro Sneeze


Or just being vain.
Marie from The Aristocats


If something this cute is wrong, why would you want to be right? Trick question–it’s not wrong, so don’t even worry about it!


And for every bad cat…


There are about five great cats.
Lion King Pride


You can count on a good cat to cuddle you up.
Mufasa and Simba from The Lion King - Disney Cuteness Break


And even keep you clean.


It’s honestly hard to count all of the things cats are great at, but why not try a few more?


They make great bodyguards (when they’re awake, anyway).
Rajah and Princess Jasmine from Aladdin


They’re always happy to see you when you’ve been gone a long time.


They have beautiful singing voices.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - Duchess, The Aristocats


And they know a thing or two about smooth moves.
O'Malley Scat Cat high five - Aristocats


Cats can even be quite wise and thoughtful.
Bagheera in Jungle Book


(Sometimes eerily so.)
mr_whiskers_opening presents


And they have cute little spiky pink tongues, which they use to lap up milk from tiny little saucers.
The Aristocats
Milk, people! Have you ever seen a dog with an adorable milk mustache? Doubtful!


Most of all, cats have one special trait that will always set them apart:
The Rescuers
They purr.


Do you have a cat named Rufus curled up on the corner of the bed? Or Figaro, perhaps? Tigger? Oliver? Simba? Or even Sgt. Tibbs? Or dare we say it, Lucifer?


Let us know about your favorite cats, Disney or otherwise, in the comments below.

Posted 7 years Ago
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