Disney Scenes We’d Watch Over and Over Again

Tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day and everyone’s going to be on high alert for the appearance of a certain shadow (fingers crossed there’s no shadow and spring comes early!). Regardless of that meteorological prediction, we have another treasured tradition of watching a certain film with the same name of this auspicious holiday. Which got us thinking – what would we want to see on repeat? The only obvious answer: Disney movies. These scenes in particular:


Stand Out – A Goofy Movie

A Goofy Movie
This was already on repeat when we were kids, so we wouldn’t mind revisiting childhood and singing along to pretty much the best song ever. We just wish we had a yellow jumpsuit like Max. Seriously.


Walking on a Log – The Lion King

The Lion King
We would have to be careful about swishing our mane back and forth too much. But really, how perfect is this scene to watch on repeat? We’re relaxing into a hakuna matata state of mind already.


Spaghetti Dinner – Lady and The Tramp

Lady and the Tramp
The only thing at risk from watching this scene over and over again is 1.) wanting spaghetti all the time and 2.) falling apart from this cuteness overload. That meatball nudge? It’s too much.


Giving Away Toys – Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3
Why would we want to watch a scene that only brings a tear (or hundreds) to our eye? Because it’s just too good. It’s the perfect combination of childhood nostalgia and the bittersweet reminder that we all grow up. Ugh, feelings.


A Whole New World – Aladdin

No matter how many times we watch this, it’s like a whole new experience to us. Also, how great would it be to catch clouds like that? Brilliant.


The Beast’s Transformation – Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast
Two words: Magic. Rain. We know this whole film is filled with enchantment, but this scene is almost too much to handle. These colorful magical streaks are like a cross between fireworks and rain with a touch of magic. And everyone’s eyes get really big because they can’t believe what’s happening, and we can’t believe what’s happening either, and the whole scene is just so perfect.


The Walk of Pride – The Lion King

The Lion King
CHILLS. Every. Single. Time. It’s some of the most perfect inspiration that we know of. We feel each and every step and the weight that they hold. It’s like the weight of emotions in our heart.


I’ll Make a Man Out of You – Mulan

So now we’re singing the song. It was inevitable, we know. And now it’s literally going to be stuck in our heads all day. But we’re okay with that.


Ariel’s Swirling Hair – The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Ariel
No matter how many times we watch this scene (and it’s been too many times to count), we will never be able to get this swirl action down. But we will continue replaying this scene until we get somewhat close (or can’t handle any more of our Ariel hair jealousy).


Just Around the Riverbend – Pocahontas

Anyone else walk dramatically in their backyards singing this song ad infinitum? Just us? That’s okay. We’re just really prepared to answer the marry Kokoum question.


The Lantern Scene – Tangled

Tangled lanterns
This scene is perfect. Just like Flynn.

Posted 4 years Ago
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