15 Reasons Why Cogsworth and Lumiere Should Be Your Life Coaches

We’re not suggesting that you need a life coach, but if you hypothetically did we can think of no better team than Cogsworth and Lumiere to make you the best possible you that you can be. They’re like the angel and devil on your shoulders, if the angel was a tightly-wound clock and the devil was a suave candlestick. And also, they exclusively give great advice. So really, they’re better than any angel and devil combos we’ve seen in recent memory. Here’s why.


1. They can teach you the subtle art of blending in while standing out.
Not easy to master, but super useful.


2. If you have a cold, they might suggest getting warm by the fire.
Sensible advice.


3. They dream big (cautiously).
And, likewise, will inspire you to do the same. Also, they’re pro hand holding.


4. Lumiere doubles as an anger management counselor.
(Just in case.) Deep breaths, Beast. Deep breaths.


5. Also, they give great lessons in being a proper gent.
Take note, guys!


6. Cogsworth’s military-precision would whip anyone into shape.
Even Lumiere is totally impressed by Cogsworth’s command and raised index finger.


7. Their musical expertise is the envy all other inanimate objects.
Just look at that dedication. You could have that dedication.


8. Bonus life coaching skill: French lessons.
“Zut alors!” Sacre Bleu!”


9. They’re cultured, and great at fancy art history puns.
This is basically what we all aspire to be, are we right?


10. Need an unexpected diversion or quickly-desired subject change?
West Wing? What West Wing? These guys are tops.


11. They’re great at brainstorming last minute gift ideas and allowing you to take the credit.
Seriously the library might be the best gift that’s ever been given.


12. They’ll help you see the fun in any situation.
Cleaning is better with lots of pranks.


13. They’re also great date coaches.


14. They never give up.
They’ve just learned that Belle has left. The Beast loves her but that’s not enough. And now this angry mob is headed right towards the castle. Do they shrug their shoulders and sigh? No, they prepare for battle!


15. They will kiss you twice on the cheek while maintaining a stiff upper lip.
Who could ask for anything more in a pair of life coaches?


There you have it. What other Disney characters do you think would make great life coaches?

Posted 7 years Ago
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