Jafar isn’t like other villains. He’s smart and he could have had it all: a plush job at the palace, riches, big hats, and a pet bird. Instead he ends up with nothing because his greed gets in the way of his success. In short, he blows it. Here’s how:


Let’s start at the beginning. Jafar is the Royal Vizier which is the second best job in Agrabah.
(Sultan is the best job, obviously.)


Anyone else would be pretty proud of themselves for achieving so much.
They might have a sense of contentment, even peace.


Not this guy.
(Or this bird.)


Nothing is ever enough for Jafar.
You Blew it, Jafar - Nothing is Enough
…Including the amount of time he must spend curling his beard every morning.


So he and Iago hatch an evil plan: marry Jasmine and become Sultan.
Not a terrible plan, but, as we know, it doesn’t work out.


Give up? Be happy with what you have? Nope.
We mean, he could sell that golden snake staff and start a new life. It’s probably worth a lot.


It’s at this point that Jafar becomes straight up maniacal.
Obsessed with the lamp and his own wish-fulfillment, Jafar goes on a bit of a power trip.


He’s willing to kill multiple people just to become Sultan and sit in the fancy Sultan chair.
You Blew it, Jafar - Fancy Sultan Chair
It’s a nice chair, but probably not worth murdering someone over.


Okay, Jafar has now totally lost it.
His insatiable need for power has completely taken over. He’s beyond any sort of rhyme or reason.


Case in point: He turns into a snake.
We didn’t think we could be more afraid of snakes, but this just did it.


Of course, Aladdin and crew totally beat Jafar at his own game.
Phenomenal cosmic power; itty bitty living space.


So we say this to you Jafar: You blew it! Your life was great, but it wasn’t enough for your crazy, crazy greed. Let this be a lesson.

Posted 6 years Ago
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