Men + Leggings = Meggings. Disney characters love them, and we love ranking things. So this is basically a match made in heaven.


8. Arthur
We could have told you Arthur was going to be the one to pull the sword out of the stone; he’s wearing awesome meggings.


7. Quasimodo
We love Quasimodo and we love his earth-tone meggings.


6. Tony Perkis
Never have we hated a camp leader so much while admiring his work out attire with equal force.


5. Mr. Incredible
Okay, so yes, these are part of Mr. Incredible’s super suit. The best part.


4. Snow White’s Prince
If we were going to be woken up by true love’s kiss, we would appreciate it if our prince was wearing meggings such as these. If they’re the first things we’re going to see after a long sleep, they have to be aesthetically pleasing.


3. Prince Phillip
Have meggings ever coordinated so well with a hat and cape? We think not. It’s all about neutrals.


2. Hans
Hans is great at three things: singing, deception, and wearing meggings. Oh, also leaping and jumping with competitive gymnast level technique, in said meggings.


1. Prince Edward
These meggings are durable and come in a flashy, yet understated, color. We would be okay being seen with Edward in public. And for a man wearing leggings, that’s saying something.


Hopefully we’ve inspired everyone to embrace this stylish trend, that, like most others, Disney characters mastered first.

Posted 8 years Ago
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