We need to take a moment to talk about a betrayal that has haunted us since our childhood years: when Max changes the route on Goofy’s map in A Goofy Movie. We figure the best way to get over this is to pour our feelings out to Max, so, here goes:


Max. You had just shared a bonding moment over “Hi Dad Soup,” and your dad literally dreamed that night about getting more “Hi Dad Soup,” which is really him asking for more love and affection from you. You’re his only son, Max.
A Goofy Movie Hi Dad Soup


Right after this beautiful father/son moment, you became tempted to change the map. How could you? The pencil even broke while you were doing it. Even the pencil wanted you to stop.
Broken Pencil in A Goofy Movie


All your dad wanted was to go fishing with his son, and you took this dream from him, while he was innocently sleeping next to you. Then, as a secondary act of defiance, you threw your apology note to Roxanne into the wind, along with your scruples.
Max's note in A Goofy Movie


To make matters so much worse, Goofy dubbed you official navigator over breakfast, with so much pride for you. Just look at his proud face. He even gave you permission to pick all the stops on the way to Lake Destiny. Why wasn’t that enough for you?
Max and Goofy in A Goofy Movie
Then, you two bonded over jet skiing, and roller coasters, and getting attacked by bats, and still, you didn’t change the map back. Why, Max, why?


When Pete broke the news to your dad that you changed the map, Goofy didn’t even believe him. In fact, he stood up for you. Goofy didn’t even want to check the map, Max, but the glove compartment just popped open. It seems the truth sets glove compartments free too. Then Goofy went to bed so depressed. Look at him:
Sad Goofy in A Goofy Movie


The next day, he even gave you a chance to come clean and choose the right direction (so symbolic) and you STILL DIDN’T. It literally took a near-death experience for you to tell the truth to your dad, and only after you yelled at him.
Goofy and Max in A Goofy Movie


Thankfully, the fight brought out the truth, and you finally understood that your dad just wants to be a part of your life. We think you want that too, Max, don’t you? Like everything, this was a learning experience. What did we learn from this? Just tell the truth. A dad like Goofy would do anything to help you.
Goofy Doing the Perfect Cast in A Goofy Movie

Posted 4 years Ago
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