Confessions of a 27-Year-Old Who Got an Olaf Doll for Christmas

One of our Oh My Disney writers really loves their Olaf doll and wanted to share their love with the world. The following is what they had to say…


Hi everyone, I’m an Olaf fan, and I like warm, inanimate hugs from a doll I received for Christmas. Oh, by the way, I’m a 27-year-old adult lady, but that’s how much I love Olaf and I don’t care who knows it.


The first time I saw Frozen, I was instantly a fan, much like everyone else out there who happened to see Frozen. The animation, the songs, the sister story; it was all perfect. But, the moment I truly fell head over heels in love was when a little funny-shaped snow man waddled unassumingly into a scene. Ever since that moment, I have been a huge Olaf fan (my love of Olaf is huge, I’m sort of just normal sized). His weird naivete, his funny little gumdrop feet/legs, the way he so calmly states that he’s been impaled… he’s just the best.

Talking Olaf Doll
When I first discovered there was a TALKING OLAF DOLL on, I freaked out pretty hard, hoping that someone would notice and buy it for me for Christmas. One does not simply buy themselves a talking Olaf doll while in the twilight years of their twenties; it really should be gifted. Thankfully, one of my coworkers took note and presented it to me for Christmas. Don’t tell my other friends and family, but it was the most exciting gift I got this year BECAUSE IT’S A TALKING OLAF DOLL!


Talking Olaf is like the technological promise of the future, in cuddly doll form. He dances, his mouth moves when he talks, he sings songs, and he’s cute. How did they cram all of this advanced robot science into one little doll? I don’t know but he makes the world a better place.


Talking Olaf may or may not come to meetings with me, particularly brainstorms where his talent for scene-stealing can come in handy. Does it annoy friends and teammates when I decide to make Olaf sing and dance while they’re in the middle of making their point? Don’t really care, when it’s Olaf’s time to sing, it’s Olaf’s time to sing.

Talking Olaf Doll


I brought Olaf home to my parents house for Christmas so that I might pepper in some Frozen references and song interstitials into our holiday routine. They didn’t know “In Summer” by heart so really I think only I appreciated him singing it over and over.


I tried to get my dogs to cuddle with talking Olaf but really he just freaked them out.


What I really want to say about talking Olaf is that he is a joy to have around, and everyone should have one in their lives. Co-worker having a rough day? Have Olaf sing “In Summer”–instant smile-maker. Bored at work and need a distraction? Squeeze Olaf’s foot and have him explain why he’s always loved the idea of summer. If loving a talking Olaf doll is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Posted 4 years Ago
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