Which Winter Sport Would the Frozen Characters Compete In?

We’ve been doing a lot of two things lately: watching the Winter Games and listening to the Frozen soundtrack. Naturally, this got us thinking… which winter sport would the Frozen characters compete in?


Curling: Olaf
Our warm-hugging snowman, Olaf, would be great at curling. His arms are very similar to brooms so we’re sure the sweeping part would come naturally. He also thrives in a cold weather environment (even if he does prefer summer).


Slopestyle: Olaf
Olaf could also snowboard. Being able to separate his body into pieces (and bring it back together) could make for some high-scoring tricks.


Figure Skating: Anna
Anna may be lacking in the grace department, but she has the passion and courage to go for the triple lutz-triple toe combination.


Hockey: Sven and Kristoff
Sven and Kristoff are made to play hockey. They’re great with ice. They’re fast, strong, and courageous. They might be fixer-uppers when it comes to technical skill, but that can always be improved.


Elsa: Judge
Unfortunately, we’re not sure Elsa should compete due to having magical powers. However, we think the skills she has cultivated as queen would make her the perfect judge—she would be tough, but fair. Don’t you think?


Stay tuned for 2016 when we discuss which sports Olaf will be competing in for the summer games. Is singing and dancing an option? Reindeer racing? We’ll think about it.

Posted 8 years Ago
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