10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Up

Ready to earn your Wilderness Explorer badge of knowledge? You’d have to count all the balloons on Carl’s house and multiply it by 100 to quantify our love for the movie Up. As such, we wanted to learn more about the backstory of this epic adventure story. Here are some of the nuggets animators shared in the book, “The Art of Up.” Trust us, these will impress your friends faster than they can say… “SQUIRREL!”


Up Pete Docter

Pete takes the director’s chair again for the upcoming Pixar film, Inside Out, scheduled to hit theaters in 2015.


Up Russell and Lewis

The story team eventually changed his name to avoid confusion with the Meet the Robinsons character.


Up House

Normally background sets and props remain static. However, because the house takes flight, many of the furniture pieces needed to be animated to show movement along the journey.


Up Kevin

They also studied emus and cassowaries.


Up Carl Muntz

Designer Albert Lozano wanted to make him look heroic with a strong presence.


Up Paradise Falls

Located in the rain forests of South America, they are one-mile-high tabletop mountains called tepuis.


Up Alpha Dogs

Their names are Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.


Up Dug

He is also the only dug of Muntz’s pack not named after a greek letter.


Up Adventure Book

The director’s daughter served as the voice talent behind the character, as well.



It went on to win the award for Best Animated Feature.


Which fact did you find most sUPrising? Tell us in the comments below.

Posted 8 years Ago
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