The Care and Keeping of Henchmen

If you’re a villain, you know that having good henchmen is the key to your success. They are the backbone of your industry. Sure, you have the master plan, the leadership qualities, and that certain evil je ne sais quoi, but you can’t do it all alone. You need someone to run errands, spy on your enemies, and guard your stolen items. Without good henchmen, your whole operation could simply fall apart. And villain friends, finding good henchmen is only the beginning. You must care for them, encourage them, and cultivate their talents. Does this sound intimidating? Not to worry. We’ve pulled together some tips on the care and keeping of henchmen from some of the best villains we know:


Sing to them.


Show appreciation by inviting them to participate in family events, like your wedding.


If you don’t agree with what they have to say, correct them politely.


Take them on fun outings, even if the activity isn’t your favorite. A night out every other week will keep your relationship fresh and fun.


Make sure they are well fed and entertained on their missions.


Show enthusiasm for their ideas.


Bring them a special treat from time to time. It will let them know you are thinking of them.


Stay calm. It’s okay to be angry, but you can guide them to better behavior with kind, direct language and an even tone of voice.


And remember, in all things, try to understand your henchman’s perspective. The better you comprehend them, the better you can give them what they need to succeed. You know the old saying: a happy henchman is a hardworking henchman.


Best of luck to you on your henchmen journey! If done right, the villain-henchmen relationship promises to be fruitful, fulfilling, and memorable for all.

Posted 6 years Ago
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