Are Roger and Anita the Most Hipster Disney Couple?

The clothes. The hair. The knick-knacks all over their house. Roger and Anita have a style that is hard to beat. If they were our neighbors, they would be that too-cool couple who reads the most interesting things, wears the most stylish clothes, and raises their kids (or puppies) strictly on vinyl records. If only we could get on their level. But if you’re not convinced, here is abundant proof that Roger and Anita really are the most perfectly hipster Disney couple:


Roger: always the working musician.

According to his faithful pup Pongo, Roger is a “musician of sorts.” That’s practically the definition of hipster.


Anita in her perfect hipster style.

Meanwhile, Anita can wear a “spring suit” unironically AND with a flower in her hat, pleats in her skirt, and a scarf around her neck. We don’t think we could ever look as good in the same ensemble.


Roger and Anita show off true hipster-dom with handkerchiefs.

Handkerchiefs. These are just plain classy.


Roger and Anita eschew tradition when it comes to wedding garb.

Who needs traditional wedding garb anyway?


Roger: the ever-working artist.

Roger has the quintessential hipster uniform: button down with rolled-up sleeves and sweater vest. Plus, he can’t even finish a flight of stairs without penning a lyric. He’s all about his art.


Roger can pull off a tricky scarf look.

Also, he can pull off a sweater as a scarf. Sure, he’s poking fun at Cruella here, but he clearly has an innate sense of fashion.


Anita with amazing hipster-style glasses.

Glasses. Self-explanatory.


Roger and his green socks.

Green socks! Only a true hipster can pull off such a bold color on their feet. Also, orange rug. Their taste may be questionable for the world at large, but it works for them.


Roger and Anita walking their pups in true style.

Hats, scarves, but especially Anita’s boots.


Anita is always so stylish.

We imagine all hipster holiday trees look like this. Covered in cards and trinkets? It’s perfect.


So, yes, Roger and Anita win when it comes to hipster style. But they really win at being an adorable couple. Just look at them:

Roger and Anita are perfectly styled and perfectly in love.
Perfectly styled (soot and all) and perfectly in love.

Posted 6 years Ago
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