16 Signs You’re Sidekick Material

We’re all for protagonists. We love a good hero. And we’ve even been known to root for the villain (mostly villain fashion). But we’re acutely aware that none of these characters would be anywhere in their stories without their sidekicks. If you’re looking to apply for one of those coveted sidekick positions, we’ve put together a list of signs that you have what it takes:


1. You have excellent comedic timing.
Extra points for being both funny and helpful with the same thought.


2. You know right from wrong.
Jiminy Cricket earns his conscience badge in Pinocchio
We all need someone to rein us in from time to time.


3. You’re a horse.
Maximus from Tangled
Don’t ask why. It’s just true.


4. You’re luckier than other creatures.
Mulan's lucky Cri-Kee
A little extra luck always helps.


5. You can sew.
Cinderella's mice
This is a clutch skill. You’d be surprised how often it comes in handy.


6. You have an excellent sense of smell.
Max sniffs out Ariel in The Little Mermaid
Call us crazy, but we’re of the minds that Prince Eric has Max’s impeccable sense of smell to thank for finding Ariel in the first place (and then again on the beach).


7. You’re adaptable.
Pascal from Tangled blending in
You never know what the circumstances will be when your sidekick abilities are required.


8. You have a secret weapon.
Tinker Bell from Peter Pan looking surprised
Pixie dust = game changer (After all, the expression isn’t faith, trust, and sand from the beach.)


9. You’re willing to travel long distances to help a friend.
Flounder drags Ariel through the ocean in The Little Mermaid
Bonus points for that help that involves literally dragging your friend across an ocean all in the name of true love.


10. You’re great at advice.
Terk from Tarzan
Okay, maybe not great all the time. But you try hard.


11. You like warm hugs.
Olaf from Frozen running in a field
Because who doesn’t want that around?


12. You have magical abilities.
Genie from Aladdin dancing
Granting wishes equals automatic indoctrination into the sidekick club.


13. You always see the bright side of things.
Ray the firefly from Princess and the Frog
Being a firefly certainly helps with this, but is not required.


14. You remember what’s important.
Dory from Finding Nemo
P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, anyone?


15. You can fly.
Pegasus flies Hercules to save the world
Again, we say: we have uses for this. Anyone with information on how we can acquire our own Pegasus should comment below.


16. You’re just generally loveable and make every moment more fun.
Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King
Hakuna matata FTW.


We hope these have helped you decide whether this is a viable life plan. And remember, the most important quality in a sidekick simply showing up.

Posted 7 years Ago
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