What Would We Do Without the Three Good Fairies?

When we were watching Sleeping Beauty the other day, we came to a very profound realization: nothing in the movie would have happened without the three good fairies.


Yes we know that’s a strong opinion to have, but if Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather hadn’t descended so gracefully from the sky with their trail of fairy dust, the story of Sleeping Beauty would have never been the same. Let’s take a look at the hard evidence:


Maleficent’s curse would have been a lot worse if Merryweather hadn’t turned it into a sleeping spell.

Merryweather in Sleeping Beauty Gift Three Fairies

Being awakened by true love’s kiss one day is a lot better than Maleficent’s alternative.


Then they volunteer to protect Aurora till her sixteenth birthday, giving up magic and their wings to keep her safe from Maleficent’s plan.

Three Fairies in Sleeping Beauty Cottage
That’s dedication, friends.


If they hadn’t been living in the forest, and didn’t send Aurora off to go pick berries, Aurora would have never met Prince Phillip.

Aurora and Phillip in Sleeping Beauty Woods Three Fairies

Can they be our matchmakers? Prince Phillip is all kinds of dreamy.


Now we know the three good fairies aren’t perfect. We know it probably wasn’t ideal that they used their magic in the cottage while Maleficent’s crow flew by, but we all make mistakes. And we know leaving Aurora unattended back at the castle wasn’t the best idea, but we’re going to chalk that one up to inescapable fate (which even the fairies can’t control).


But the fairies know how to fix the problem, they just put the whole kingdom to sleep.

Three Fairies in Sleeping Beauty Hubert
And as Flora puts King Hubert to sleep, he reveals that Prince Phillip is really in love with Aurora. Thus, the fairies go off to find Prince Phillip, who they discover has been captured by Maleficent.


So when the three good fairies reach Prince Phillip at Maleficent’s castle, we realized something else. Prince Phillip kind of gets hailed as the hero of this film, but let’s face it, without the fairies, he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.


First off, they set him free.

Phillip Chains in Sleeping Beauty Three Fairies
Prince Phillip wasn’t breaking through those chains.


Then, they give him a shield of virtue and a mighty sword of truth.

Phillip in Sleeping Beauty Three Fairies Shield
Because a regular shield and sword would truly be subpar.


After freeing him and bestowing gifts upon him, the fairies guide Phillip to safety, eliminating every obstacle put in his path.

Phillip in Sleeping Beauty Flowers Three Fairies
Falling rocks? Turn those into bubbles. Arrows? Just make them flowers. Boiling liquid? Let’s put a rainbow there.


And then, of course, in the most dramatic moment when Prince Phillip must vanquish Maleficent, the fairies are there for him yet again to guide his sword.

Phillip Sword in Sleeping Beauty Three Fairies
Would Phillip’s aim have been that good? Could he defeated Maleficent alone? So many questions.


In the end, Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora live happily ever after with the three good fairies watching over them. While they never quite get the credit they deserve, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are truly the best. What would we do without them?

Three Fairies in Sleeping Beauty Ending

Posted 8 years Ago
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