Love Lessons from Disney Princesses

Disney princesses have one thing in common: they know love. Whether it’s love between friends, family, or soulmates, we can all learn some important lessons from some of our favorite ladies.


Love is seeing the world from a new perspective.
Love Lessons_Pocahontas


Love is fighting for those who matter most.
Love Lessons_Mulan_Home


Love is unexpected.
Love Lessons_Aurora_Sleeping Beauty


Love can help you find your voice again.
Love Lessons_Ariel_Little Mermaid


Love is believing in each other’s dreams.
Love Lessons_Tiana_Princess and the Frog


Love is appreciating people for who they are inside.
Love Lessons_Beauty and the Beast_Belle


Love has no rules.
Love Lessons_Aladdin_Jasmine


Love is playful.
Love Lessons_Tangled_Rapunzel


Love can catch you by surprise.
Love Lessons_Cinderella


Love is learning to appreciate those you cherish.
Love Lessons_Brave_Family


Love is finding your happily ever after.
Love Lessons_Snow White


Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.
Frozen_Anna_Olaf_Love Lessons


Which love lesson is your favorite?

Posted 8 years Ago
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