Disney Questions We Need Answered

Perhaps we analyze Disney movies too much, but they just ask to be watched over and over again. Eventually, questions arise. Questions like:


What was Scar’s name before he got his scar?
The good citizens of Pride Rock must have called him something different when he was a young cub. Unless… was he born with the scar? It looks like a scratch mark, but now we’re definitely considering this possibility.


Why did Cinderella’s dad fall for Lady Tremaine in the first place?
No offense to Lady T., but she’s pretty mean. We find it hard to believe that a nice man like Cinderella’s father could have been fooled by her, unless she is a Juilliard-level actress. Or… did grief just take its toll on her? We’ll never know.


What is Prince Charming’s name?
It’s probably something dreamy, like Flynn. Wait… that one is taken. Oops.


How did Elsa get her magical powers?
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We know that she was born with them, not cursed, but how can this happen? Were other people in Arendelle born with similar powers? The trolls made it seem like this was not the first case they’d seen.


Why does Beast have to re-learn how to use a spoon? He used to be human.
We get that his hands are different as a beast, but he acts like the spoon is a completely foreign object. Maybe he should have had a bigger, beast-sized spoon made for him. We’re actually pretty surprised that Mrs. Potts didn’t think of this.


Why didn’t Ariel just write Eric a note?
She totally signs her own name on Ursula’s contact. She clearly knows how to write. Or, do mermaids have a different written language?


Were Belle and Beast left with an empty castle after all of the servants came back to life?
Unless they have a castle-sized storage space for non-enchanted objects, we’re not sure what they did at the end of the film. It takes a lot of work to furnish a castle!


Why is Flounder not a flounder?
Flounders are not blue and yellow, and adult flounders typically camouflage themselves on the ocean floor to protect themselves. Yes, we just researched this.


How did Rapunzel teach herself all those hobbies, alone in a tower?
Hear us out on this one. If she never had contact with anybody except Mother Gothel, how did she learn to sew or make candles?


Could Fix-It Felix have fixed Vanellope’s glitch with his hammer?
It fixes everything!


And finally, WHY MAX, WHY?

Posted 6 years Ago
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