What Not To Do: Sidekicks Edition

It’s nice to learn by example; sometimes that means learning from watching the pitfalls and missteps of others. As such, if you’re considering a career in sidekickery, we offer these tips in what not to do.


Reveal Secrets
King Triton and Sebastian

It’s bad. Secrets are meant to be kept. Even secrets about treasure troves with thingamabobs and staying away from humans.


Be Too Literal
Hercules using his head to fight

“Use your head” is good advice, but this is a know-your-audience situation. Herc maybe needed to know it was a metaphor before he went charging literally head-first into a centaur.


Forget How To Spell Someone’s Name
It’s hard to create a lasting, trusting bond when you’re in the middle of your big number honoring your boss and you can’t remember how to spell his name.


Stand Too Close To The Fire
Olaf by the fireplace

This one works literally and metaphorically. Yes you’re a sidekick, but take care of yourself too or you won’t be any help to anyone else.


Forget To Follow Through
Pain and Panic trying to poison Hercules

Seriously. This one went poorly for them (and Hades).


Take It Personally
Mulan asking Mushu about why he's there

Mulan’s whole “my ancestors sent a lizard to help me” thing was just her fear talking. She didn’t really mean it.


Listen To The Devil On Your Shoulder
Kronk listening to his shoulder devil

He may be trying to leave you down the path that rocks, but trust us… it’s the wrong one. Also, his voice is weird sounding.


Get Jealous
Abu making fun of Jasmine

Making fun of Aladdin’s crush was not Abu’s best idea. He almost talked Aladdin out of Jasmine as a potential love interest. Luckily the creepy prisoner dude (aka Jafar in disguise) was there to encourage him not to give up.


Go Against Your Strengths
The three good fairies trying to make a dress

These three got points for trying, but clearly a non-magic version of sewing is not where their skills are best utilized.


Only Look Ahead
Zazu before he gets pounced by Mufasa and Simba

You might get pounced on. Also, sometimes remembering where you came from can help you help someone else.


Get Distracted

Read: don’t fall for a hypnotizing snake. You have work to do.


What have you learned from the Disney sidekicks?

Posted 7 years Ago
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