Writing a Paper, As Told By Disney Characters

There are only a couple more months of school, and it seems like everyone is busy with papers, final projects, group presentations, and other intellectual pursuits. Sure, these things can be rewarding, but let’s talk about what it’s like pre-reward, while you’re still in the thick of working on that paper. Here is how we see it:


After much deliberation, you decide on a thesis.
Kuzco gif from The Emperor's New Groove


You do an outline. (Just kidding.)


You begin your research.
Ariel reading a book


Fatigue washes over you.


You go get a coffee.


You refocus.
Pegasus in GIFs - Balance


You artfully craft two paragraphs.
Merryweather in Sleeping Beauty Gift Three Fairies


You clearly deserve a 30 minute break at this point.
Watching TV GIF


After your break, you sit down at your computer and check your email. You notice an email about a really good sale, so you online shop for 30-120 minutes. (What? You’re saving money here.)
What Characters Would Buy on a Shopping Spree - Abu, Aladdin


You write a couple more paragraphs and realize that one of your sources doesn’t make sense anymore. You do more research.
High-School_Disney-Lyrics_Jane-First Day of Class


You start fading. You’re close to the page minimum, so you start repeating yourself in intellectual ways.


You think about increasing the font size to 12.25, then think better of it.
Disney Dream Meanings - Peter Pan


You take another break.
Disney Dream Meanings - Rapunzel, Tangled


You begin to question everything you’ve done, and a much better thesis pops into your head. Too little, too late.
jafar - villain stories


You fall asleep.
Winnie the Pooh in bed


… The hour before your paper is due, pressure brings out the best in you. You finish the conclusion, give it a once-over, and go to print. Hopefully you have paper. And ink.
Best Frozen GIFs from Frozen Clips - Dancing

Posted 3 years Ago
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