Hans Could Teach the Disney Villains a Thing or Two

Time and time again, we see Disney Villains making the same classic mistakes. Enter Prince Hans of the Southern Isles.


Hans breaks the mold of the typical Disney Villain. With that charming smile and those impressive sideburns, Hans was almost fooled everyone and nearly carried out his evil plan. If there were a school of villainy, Hans would surely be at the top of his class. Here’s what we think Hans could teach the Disney Villains:


Make a Great First Impression


When Hans first meets Anna, he’s polite with just the right amount of prince-like charisma. When Maleficent makes her first appearance, she’s sarcastic and villainous. If you want to win over your enemies, it’s probably a better idea to dazzle them with your charm rather than balk at the fact you weren’t invited to party.


Don’t Come Off As Too Rehearsed


Dr. Facilier has a routine down to a “T”, but to others, it can seem too slick and deliberate. Hans has a plan, but he knows if he’s too perfect, he could come off as calculated. Awkwardly falling into water and doing the robot dance is an easy way to show your human side.


Use Your Song to Make the Heroine Fall in Love With You…

Mother Gothel from Tangled

Mother Gothel’s mistake was using her song to strike fear and intimidate Rapunzel. If she would have used her song to win over Rapunzel like Hans did with Anna, Rapunzel might have been more apt to stay in the tower.


…Then Propose To Her

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

While Gaston didn’t have much of a chance winning over Belle, she might have been a bit more receptive to his proposal if he had used his song moment for her (instead of just singing about himself).


Be Extremely Subtle About Your Evil Plans

Hades from Hercules

Hans gave very few clues about his true plans. Hades, on the other hand, will share his evil plot with everyone he comes across. Not exactly wise if you ask us.


Earn The Kingdom’s Trust

Scar from The Lion King

When Hans is left in charge of Arendelle, he takes care of all the townspeople by feeding them hot glogg and passing out blankets. This is a very strategic move to make sure that everyone in Arendelle will love him and respect him. Instead of ensuring the lions well-being, Scar completely throws off the circle of life and leaves everyone starving and angry. Bad move.


Act Like You Care

Evil Queen from Snow White

Even when Hans had Elsa locked in the prison, he pretended to care about both her well-being and Anna’s. Great acting skills are essential to fooling everyone about your evilness, which is something that the Evil Queen could have used to win over Snow White. Also, a name change to drop the Evil out of her name might help as well.


When You Do Reveal Your Evil Plan, Do It Privately

Jafar from Aladdin

Monologuing in front of a large crowd is a typical evil villain mistake that Jafar foolishly makes. Revealing in your evil plan in general is a bad idea, but Hans only divulged to Anna, then left her locked in the room. If you have to share your evil plan, we think it’s better for only one person to know instead of the entire kingdom.


Oh Disney Villains, if there was only someone out there who loved you enough to teach you Hans’s ways. You might have succeeded, but probably not, since Hans didn’t either.


Posted 8 years Ago
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