Celebrate Easter With Our Favorite Disney Bunnies

Today, there’s a lot of talk around eggs and bunnies, both real and chocolate. We already covered eggs on the blog today, so it’s time to move on to the several exceptional bunnies that populate the Disney universe. In no particular order, here are the Disney rabbits we’d love to bunny hop with:




We only have nice things to say about this bunny.




Thanks to Rabbit, we have a great appreciation for gardening and carrots.


Bunny from Tangled

Rabbit Tangled
Stay calm. It can probably smell fear.


Thumper’s Girlfriend

Thumper's Girlfriend

She’s the prettiest bunny we’ve ever seen.


Thumper’s Sisters

Thumper's Sisters

Cuteness overload.


Alec from the Disney Pixar short, Presto

Rabbit from Pixar Short

You don’t want to get between this rabbit and his carrots.


The White Rabbit

White Rabbit

You’d never be late with this guy around.


Oswald the Lucky Rabbit


He’s got lucky in his name, so he’s definitely a great rabbit.


The Rabbit Family from Robin Hood 

Robin Hood Rabbits

Between Skippy, Sis, and the rest of the rabbit family, we can’t pick a favorite.


Bean Bunny


He’s a little accident prone, but he’s one of the cutest Muppets.


B’rer Rabbit


Not only can you go on an adventure with B’rer Rabbit on Splash Mountain, you can hug him in real life too. Definite score.


Rabbits in Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Rabbits

We’re not quite sure if these are rabbits or hares, but we’re going to include them because of their pro boot-jumping skills.


Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit

How can you not love this goofball? We’re also going to count Jessica Rabbit as an honorable mention, because those two crazy kids make up one unique rabbit couple.


Bunnies from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


They help clean the cottage and are super sweet to Snow White.


Honorable Mentions:

March Hare


Technically, hares are not rabbits (trust us, we looked it up to be sure). But the March Hare has a special brand of zany that we love.


Eeyore as a Bunny

We think Eeyore might have found his calling.


Who is your favorite Disney Bunny?

Posted 6 years Ago
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