Thomas from Pocahontas: A Redemption Story

There’s so much to love about Pocahontas; but Thomas’ epic transformation from naive boy, to slightly impulsive soldier, to free-thinking adult with a great hat, is what we love the most. (Not to mention the fact that he’s voiced by Christian Bale.) Indulge us now, if you will, as we tell the tale of Thomas; a story of great joys, and great defeats. A story of happiness and sorrow….a story…we’re just gonna go ahead and start the story telling now.


When we first meet Thomas he’s readying for the long voyage to America.
Thomas from Pocahontas - England
Look how cute he is saying goodbye to his family. What a sweetheart. He has no idea what’s in store.


He’s full of optimism and excitement.
Thomas from Pocahontas - Excitement
The New World is a fresh start, a chance for adventure, and maybe Thomas will finally be able to convince people that his floppy beret is the height of style.


The ship gets caught in a storm and Thomas tries to save the equipment.
Thomas from Pocahontas - Storm
This makes Thomas a pretty great Virginia Company employee.


Thomas falls overboard and John Smith saves his life.
Thomas from Pocahontas - Saved
(And his hat.)


Against all odds, the crew makes it to Virginia (relatively unscathed).
Thomas from Pocahontas - Awe
Thomas is in awe of the natural beauty, and we are in awe of his hat. What is it made out of? Felt? Is it getting soggy in the mist?


This is when Thomas starts making some bad choices.
Thomas from Pocahontas _ Dig
He mindlessly follows Ratcliffe’s instructions. We get it. Ratcliffe is one scary dude, but Thomas should have listened to his instincts re: none of this digging is going to produce any gold.


John teaches Thomas how to shoot.
Thomas from Pocahontas - Lesson
This is an important bit of foreshadowing/metaphor for becoming a man (as if the hat wasn’t enough), but Thomas is also eager to prove himself to Ratcliffe.


When John sneaks out of camp, Ratcliffe orders Thomas to follow.
Thomas from Pocahontas - Follow
Is it just us, or does Thomas’ hat seem slightly downtrodden in this scene?


Sigh, this is where Thomas sinks pretty low.
Thomas from Pocahontas - Shooting
He shoots Kokoum thinking that Kokoum is going to harm John. Notice that his hat is almost completely obscured by smoke by this point.


Thomas now fits the mold that Ratcliffe intended.
Thomas from Pocahontas - March
But something isn’t right, and he knows it.


BUT THEN, when Ratcliffe attempts to shoot Powhatan (instead shooting John), Thomas is shocked back into reality.
Thomas from Pocahontas - Leader
He really steps up: ordering Ratcliffe to be imprisoned, taking charge of the crew, and really just fulfilling the potential of the hat.


He takes John back to England with new knowledge, compassion, and understanding.
Thomas from Pocahontas - Goodbye
Maybe this time, he’ll make the hat thing happen.


The End.

Posted 6 years Ago
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