Sarabi: Long Live the Queen

We know it’s called The Lion KING, and for very good reasons. However, let’s pause for a moment to talk about a lesser-lauded character in our favorite big cat epic: Sarabi.

They say behind every great man there is a great woman, and that’s definitely the case with Mufasa and Sarabi. Look at their love.


We first meet Sarabi when she’s cradling baby Simba. This doesn’t really say much about her, but it’s an adorable moment, so we’re putting it in here.

Sarabi from The Lion King


We really get to meet Sarabi when Simba is a little older and he’s trying to wake his parents up.

Sarabi from The Lion King

Here’s how you know Sarabi is a no-nonsense queen bee: she doesn’t even bat an eyelash. Mufasa tries to play the “before sunrise, he’s your son” card, but she is not having it, and goes right. Back. To. Sleep. Go Sarabi.


She kind of takes a break from the film while Simba is off learning about Hakuna Matata, but we get a glimpse at what Sarabi has been up to as soon as Simba returns to the Pride Lands.

Sarabi from The Lion King

Check out how proud she stands, even though she’s totally defeated (and hungry!) under Scar’s not-as-good-as-Mufasa’s turn as king. The hyenas snarl and bark at her, but she just ignores them and walks with her head held high. So noble. Just look at all the shade she’s throwing!


Sarabi from The Lion King

Even when she’s dealing with Scar who is asking her to find food though he’s totally laid waste to the Pride Lands, Sarabi manages to stand her ground both mentally and physically.

Despite the fact that he’s the king (more like “king”), Sarabi is brave enough to lay down the law and tell Scar that he pretty much ruined the Pride Lands and there is no food, because apparently he never learned about the Circle of Life and doesn’t know how nature works.


Sarabi from The Lion King

Look at how saucy she gets when Scar makes his impossible demands. She is just not having it. No one tells Sarabi to hunt for antelope that don’t exist. Check yourself, Scar.


Sarabi from The Lion King

Finally, we see Sarabi in full business mode once Scar admits that he is responsible for Mufasa’s death. Though she’s regal through and through, Sarabi isn’t above a dramatic action sequence at the film’s finale, because she cares about Simba and the kingdom so much. Bow down to Queen Sarabi, indeed. (Until Nala becomes queen, which is fine by us because she’s pretty clutch herself!)

Posted 3 years Ago
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