Mother’s Day is this weekend, and we’d like to take the opportunity to call out the fact that moms are the best. Our moms fed us, helped us with our math homework, watched The Little Mermaid hundreds of times with us, and continue to encourage us to go after our dreams. So we’re saying thanks, with the help of some truly stellar Disney moms who also deserve a shout out.

Thank you for making sure we looked okay before leaving the house.

Thank You, (Disney) Moms - Sarabi, The Lion KingEven if we didn’t appreciate it at the time.

Thank you for singing along to our many living room concerts.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - Duchess, The AristocatsIt may have resulted in embarrassing home videos, but it was totally worth it.

Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - DumboAnd for knowing exactly how to make us feel better.

Thank you for always making us feel special.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - Perdita, One Hundred and One DalmatiansEven though we had siblings … maybe not 98 siblings, but one is sometimes more than enough, are we right?

Thank you for getting us to our baseball games and piano recitals with superhuman-like multi-tasking skills.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - Elastigirl, The IncrediblesSee what we did there? Because Elastigirl is a mom and actual superhero.

Thank you for being there when we needed a chat and pot of tea.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - Mrs. Potts, Beauty and the BeastAlso thank you for not being an actual teapot, which might be cool for like a week, but we imagine would get kind of frustrating for both of us.

Thank you for always believing in us.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - TangledWe don’t know what we’d do without your support.

Thank you for making our dreams, your dreams.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - Eudora, The Princess and the FrogAnd also for teaching us how to expertly wrap presents. (And yes, we most likely wrapped your gift from dad because he’s pretty hopeless with wrapping paper.)

Thanks for always going the distance for us.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - Hercules(We couldn’t help ourselves with that one, it was right there.)

Thanks for showing us what it means to be a family.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - Queen Elinor, BraveWe’re still not 100% convinced about the little brother thing, but we’re getting there.

Thank you for being strong, sassy, and empowered.
Thank You, (Disney) Moms - The Emperor's New GrooveBecause of your example, we are too.

Thank you for passing on those beautiful genes.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - Lady and the TrampWe look just like you, and we couldn’t be happier about that.

Thank you for loving us unconditionally.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms -Kala, TarzanEven though sometimes it might have seemed like we were members of a different species.

Thank you for giving the best hugs.
Thank You, (Disney) Moms - Sleeping BeautyWe love hugs.

Thank you for leading by example.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - Mrs. Banks, Mary PoppinsWe learned to fight for what’s right because of you, and also how to put together a killer outfit.

Thank you for tucking us in every night.
Thank You, (Disney) Moms - Peter PanBonus points if you checked for monsters under the bed and/or let us have a nanny that was also a dog.

Thank you for teaching us to be kind.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - Kanga, Winnie the PoohBut also for teaching us not to overdo it with the hunny (no offense, Pooh).

Thank you for helping us grow up while understanding that sometimes we just needed our stuffed animals.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - Toy StoryMr. Giraffe forever.

Thank you for letting us be ourselves.
Thank You, (Disney) Moms - MulanEven if our reflection, which showed us who we are inside, wasn’t exactly what you were expecting.

Thanks for making our childhoods happy and magical.
Thank you, (Disney) Moms - Robin HoodAnd for the spontaneous dance parties.

Okay, we admit that got a little emotional. Luckily, we know our moms won’t mind. But could someone maybe pass us a tissue? Thanks, mom.

Posted 4 years Ago
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