How to Take the Perfect Instagram, As Told Through Disney Movies

Disney movies are beautiful. Lately, they’ve been our personal inspiration for Instagram photography. We thought we’d mix that Disney inspiration with a list of pro photography rules to remember the next time you’re posting a photo. Note: you may become Instagram famous after following these tips.


Disney Instagram_TheLionKing
Lighting can make the world look even more beautiful. At this moment, with the perfect lighting, the Savannah looks utterly majestic.


Disney Instagram_TheLionKing_Nala_Crop
If you crop Simba out of the image, no one would know why Nala has a grin from ear to ear.


Disney Instagram_TheLionKing_Simba
Just zoom out a little bit. Can you feel the love for this crop? We can.


Disney Instagram_Tarzan
Testing different angles ensures that you’re on the cutting edge.


Disney Instagram_Hercules
Filters can make images more dramatic. (Not that this image needs to be more dramatic.)


Disney Instagram_Ratatouille
Backgrounds are powerful. They can set the mood for the entire image.


Disney Instagram_BeautyandtheBeast
Everyone wants to see landscapes, especially if they are of little towns or quiet villages. Just remember: sometimes taking a step back to get the entire view is to your benefit.


Disney Instagram_ABugsLife
Portraits are important. Some people say that eyes are the window to the soul, and this is true for both people and bugs.


Finally, Captions are Everything
Disney Instagram_Up_Maps
Example: “Adventure is out there.” With a good caption, your Instagram fame possibilities are endless.


Did we forget your favorite Insta tip? Let us know in the comments!


Posted 5 years Ago
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