10 Things You Learn When You Date a Disney Fan

The world of dating is a strange place where otherwise normal human beings seemingly forget how to be human. The world of dating a Disney fan can be a much more extraordinary place—once you learn that us Disney fans are maybe a bit eccentric, and a whole lot obsessed with all things Disney. Here are a few things that you might learn when dating one of us Disney fans:


1. A Trip to a Disney Park is Serious Business
signs you're dating a disney fan - disneyland
You had better pick up the pace because we are on a tight schedule that we’ve most likely been planning for at least a month. We have to FASTPASS Indiana Jones before we go on Haunted Mansion. So just smile, nod, and try to keep up.


2. We Will Sing Along to Every Disney Movie We Watch
signs you're dating a disney fan - scuttle
So get on board, because you are in for a full concert every time we pop in a Blu-ray. This also applies to car rides, because we obviously have all the soundtracks to our favorite Disney movies at the ready.


3. Halloween Costumes Will Be Disney Themed
signs you're dating a disney fan - the lion king
This is not up for debate, will be couples themed, and is an unspoken rule for the rest of your natural life.


4. We Will Speak in Disney Quotes
signs you're dating a disney fan - cinderella
“What’s this?” “It’s the circle of life.” “I wonder…” “Have faith in your dreams.” Entire conversations will pass in this fashion.  So…“be prepared.”


5. There’s Only One Option for Holiday Gifts
signs you're dating a disney fan - lady
We don’t even care what holiday it is. Arbor Day? We want a Disney gift. National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Disney gift. You get the drift.


6. We Will Never Not Make a Mickey-Shaped Pancake
signs you're dating a disney fan - mickey pancake
We hope you like the mouse with the most because we will find a way to make almost everything we cook in his likeness.


7. We’ll Inevitably Be Dating You Because You Remind us of a Disney Prince
signs you're dating a disney fan - flynn rider
Most likely our favorite Disney prince. We might not admit this to you, but we’ll probably drop subtle hints like, “you’re exactly like Flynn Rider!” Just go with it. It’s a compliment.


8. Baby Name Discussions Will Include Disney Names
signs you're dating a disney fan - Belle
Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Flynn, Eric, Kristoff. These are all great name options that we are serious about bestowing on our kids, so start brainstorming now.


9. We Won’t Conceal our Disney Love
signs you're dating a disney fan - Elsa
So don’t ask. We’re a proud group. Here we stand, in the light of day. Let the storm rage ooooooon! The cold never bothered us anyway. (See point #4.)


10. We’re Pretty Great
signs you're dating a disney fan - mickey, donald, goofy
Us Disney fans are a special group who believe that dreams can come true, and anything is possible. So if you’re lucky enough to be dating one us, keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times and enjoy the ride!

Posted 7 years Ago
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