10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Incredibles

These facts are, dare we say… Incredible? It’s been 10 years since the Parr family first saved the world on the big screen. With news of a sequel in the works, we’re taking a look back at some interesting facts from the first film to hold us over while we wait for the new movie. Do you have your super suit ready? It’s showtime:

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He recorded the voiceover as temp track. Pixar loved his rendition so much, it remained in the final version of the film.
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Frank and Ollie, who were part of Walt's Nine Old Men, provided the voices for their characters in the movie.
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Mr. Incredible is the rock of the family, so his power is super strength. As a mother, Helen is pulled in many different directions but never breaks. Therefore, her power is elasticity. Violet is a shy teenage girl, making her perfectly suited for invisibility. Finally, Dash's super speed matches his hyperactive, younger brother personality.
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Lou Romano, production design on the film, points out the eyes, face, and intensity all bear a resemblance to the director. Of course, Syndrome's traits are slightly more dramatic.
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A quick glance at a map of Emeryville, the location of Pixar's headquarters, shows that even some of the street names are exactly the same.
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As a result, Pixar animators had to develop entirely new technology to replicate the muscle behavior of the human body.
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A113, which pays homage to the CalArts room where many of the top Pixar animators had class, appears during the sequence when Mrs. Incredible is trying to locate Mr. Incredible's location in Syndrome's island lair.
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Animators had to match Hunter's intensity displayed in the dialogue read.
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Today, The Incredibles is the second longest Pixar film behind Cars.
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Combining two towns famous in the superhero world seemed fitting for the home of Mr. Incredible and family.
Posted 2 years Ago
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