Fantasy Disney Prince Boy Band

One of the steadfast truths of life is the basic fact that, as human beings, we love ourselves a boy band. And really, what’s not to love? Cute guys, easy listening, synchronized dancing: you had us at hello. But what’s the one thing that could really take the average boy band to the next level? A boy band entirely comprised of Disney princes, of course. And while “Flynn and the Riders” will most likely never perform together in real life, that doesn’t mean we can’t dream…


Lead Singer: Flynn Rider
fantasy disney prince boy band_flynn rider
With more charisma than a ‘90s Mickey Mouse Club star, and a voice to back up those smoldering looks, Flynn is the only option for lead singer. Also, the band is named after him, so if he wasn’t the lead singer, that would be weird.


Backup Singer: Prince Phillip
fantasy disney prince boy band -prince phillip
We have a soft spot for the boy band member who has a really great voice, maybe even a better voice than the lead singer, but is always relegated to verse two and maybe a bridge here or there. Prince Phillip has the chops to harmonize with the best of them, but he’s also lead singer material.


Baritone with Crazy Hair: Beast
fantasy disney prince boy band - beast
There’s always a dude with crazy hair, usually ooh-ing and ahh-ing like a pro. Beast doesn’t have to prove himself in the hair category, and we’d really like to see him sway back and forth to the beat.


Guy That We’re Not Sure Why He’s There: The Prince
fantasy disney prince boy band - the prince
Okay, we love The Prince, but as he himself states, he only has one song. Clearly, not lead singer material, and maybe just in the band because they needed a seventh member. But he’s earnest, and looks great in tight pants.


Bass/Comic Relief: Aladdin
fantasy disney prince boy band - Aladdin
Every self-respecting boy band needs some levity. We fans love a guy that makes us laugh during a daily serenade. Aladdin is obviously a charmer, but he’s always quick-thinking, and we imagine, pretty good at winking opportunely.


Eye Candy: Prince Eric
fantasy disney prince boy band - prince eric
Let’s face it: looks are a prerequisite for every boy band. It’s just part of the overall experience. Prince Eric would be the boy band member who may not be great at singing or dancing, but IS great at looking the part.


Drummer: Prince Charming
fantasy disney prince boy band - prince charming
Charming was always a bit of a rebel. We think he’d be perfect as the band’s drummer. Not singing, not dancing, maybe not even actually drumming, but important nonetheless.


Who would you choose to be in your fantasy Disney prince boy band?

Posted 7 years Ago
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