Are You There Elsa? It’s Hot Out

While the cold never bothered us anyway, the heat certainly does and it is getting to be that point of the year where going outside is just really gross. Don’t get us wrong, we love summer and sun, but maybe not so much all things hot. Consider: it’s difficult to put together an outfit that’s both office appropriate and doesn’t make you want to jump into the nearest fountain the second you step outside; sunburns are bad for you. You get the drift. So, while we know this isn’t Elsa’s season, here are some scenarios where we’d really appreciate it if she showed up and just frozen everything.


The Drought in The Lion King
Are You There Elsa? It's Hot Out - The Lion King
This one’s on Scar for being just the worst. But if Elsa were there she could totally conjure a snowstorm, which would then melt into water, and boom, drought over.


The Hot Kitchen in Ratatouille
are you there elsa? it's hot out - ratatouille
Linguini is working hard for his dream, and it looks really warm in that kitchen.


Pocahontas’ Marathon Run
Are You There Elsa? It's Hot Out - Pocahontas
Pocahontas has to run really, really far to make it to John Smith before he’s executed. This takes time, and while it adds a lot of suspense, it also cuts it pretty close. But if Elsa froze the ground, Pocahontas totally could have sled the entire way to the mountain: much more efficient (and fun).


All of The Jungle Book
Are You There Elsa? It's Hot Out - The Jungle Book
We’re actually just really curious how this would play out in winter. Baloo would be hibernating, right? Just imagine.


Kuzco’s Plan in The Emperor’s New Groove
Are You There Elsa? It's Hot Out - The Emperor's New Groove
Kuzco really wants a swimming pool. But if Elsa were there it could have been an ICE SKATING RINK. Everyone knows that ice rinks are the great unifier, so Kuzco’s bad attitude and subsequent journey could have been solved on ice skates, and with amazing costumes.


Eeyore’s Attitude in Winnie and the Pooh
are you there elsa? it's hot out - eeyore
Snow is magic, and we have a feeling it could put a smile on even Eeyore’s ever-so-slightly gloomy face.


are you there elsa? it's hot out - Up
Dragging an entire house on your back is thirsty work. We image this goes for double if you’re in the Amazon somewhere. If Elsa had showed up and lowered the temperature a bit, we have a feeling Russell (and Carl) would have lept for joy.


are you there elsa? it's hot out - Aladdin
There is a lot of sand in this movie. And we’re told by the narrator that the heat is intense. No one wants sand to stick to them (because it’s so hot out that their sweat has formed a bond with said sand). Talk about barbaric. So Elsa could either freeze the ground, or just make it a bearable temperature in Agrabah. We’re sure the palace guards would have been a bit nicer to Aladdin if they weren’t so freakin’ hot.


Lilo & Stitch
are you there elsa? it's hot out - Lilo & Stitch
Ice cream and snow cone melting is the #1 reason for crying in summer. True fact. We have anxiety just looking at this moment from Lilo & Stitch, and imagining how fast that cold confection is going to melt and ruin everyone’s happiness. Elsa could keep that snow cone cold ‘til the last drop.


are you there elsa? it's hot out - Hercules
This could be Elsa’s greatest contribution to society. Hades’ hair is fire. Elsa could make a rain cloud that would hover over his head for all eternity, resulting in not only a hilarious situation, but also maybe a kick to his ego that might keep from plotting to take Zeus’ throne. We’re just sayin’.


And there you have it. And here’s our personal plea to Elsa: just come and make it mid-70s with a slight breeze. That’s all we’re asking. You can probably do that in your sleep. Easy. So we’ll be waiting. And, thanks.

Posted 3 years Ago
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