10 Life Lessons from Mulan

We’ve learned so many things from Mulan over the years that we thought we’d compile our favorite bits of wisdom for you, because we like you. So be true to your heart and check out these life lessons. Who knows, maybe 98 Degrees will magically appear at the end of this post! (They won’t, but read on anyways because these lessons are both fun and heart warming!)

1. Eating breakfast is important.
life lessons from mulan - breakfast
Bonus points if your breakfast is happy to see you.


2. Stand up for what you believe in.
life lessons from mulan - be yourself
It might be hard at first, but we promise it will work out in the end.


3. Everything happens in its own time.
life lessons from mulan - fa zhou
Fa Zhou had it right when he said that sometimes the most beautiful blossoms are the last to bloom.


4. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.
life lessons from mulan - shang
Everyone who’s worth knowing will love you for it.


5. Metaphors make great song lyrics.
life lessons from mulan - Metaphors
“You must be swift as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon.” Life is better with metaphors and we were first convinced of this during Li Shang’s epic musical number.


6. Take charge of your own destiny.
life lessons from mulan - take charge
No one else should be in control of your life. It’s up to you, so live it!


7. Dramatic haircut: just go for it.
life lessons from mulan - hair cut
The things that might seem scary are sometimes the most worthwhile.


8. You never know who might end up being a friend.
life lessons from mulan - mushu, crikee
Mini dragons, crickets, soldiers. Friends make the journey worth taking.


9. Ponds and swords are reflective surfaces (and useful when without a mirror).
life lessons from mulan - reflection
Important for figuring out who you are inside (via your reflection).


10. You’re stronger than you think.
life lessons from mulan - strength
You can do anything. Mulan just climbed this log thing, and she definitely had her doubts about being able to reach the top. All you have to do is not give up.


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What’s your favorite life lesson from Mulan? Tell us in the comments?

Posted 6 years Ago
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